Die Dinge meiner Eltern


What makes a life special? What is it made up of? Agnes is standing in her dead parents’ house. She is alone, despite the fact that she has three sisters. They have long since scattered across the world to far-flung places like Dallas, Hanoi or the Philippines. All three are in top managerial positions, and all incredibly busy. Only Agnes, an actor, stayed in Germany. It falls to her to dispose of the contents of her parents’ house. After all, she’s “got all the time in the world!” The four sisters grew up in this house, the one their parents called home for 60 years. And now she’s standing there, holding a practical self-help book on cleaning out a house after a death. Among the remnants of a family history, aware that she has to sort through it all and decide what to keep and what to throw away. Her sister Bärbel’s handy piece of advice was that “a good list makes everything easier”. But what about the gap between the two mattresses on their parents’ bed, the one they cuddled in with mum and dad? What list does that go on? Or the smell of her mother’s self-made dressing gown? Or the bookshelf in front of which her mother suddenly asks the ten-year-old Agnes who she would prefer to stay with if she and her father divorced (the last and only time she spoke about separating)? Long forgotten memories and feelings creep out at Agnes from these objects. And yet the skip is already standing in front of the house.

Danish: Mine forældres ting

Gilla Cremer

Gilla Cremer

Plays by Gilla Cremer

U: 04.02.2014 Hamburger Kammerspiele in Koproduktion mit dem Theater Wolfsburg (Regie: Dominik Günther)