Grand Prix de la Vision

[Grand Prix de la Vision]

Four women with starkly different personalities and backgrounds try to save the world using a tamed military drone. Carla, who is in her late 50s, was once in the Foreign Legion, one of the only facts known about her murky past. 19-year-old Halbgar who grew up as a boy is fed up with the World War I re-enactments her parents are obsessed with. Anna fled Kabul as a child and now, aged 30, hunts trolls on the internet while Skart, who is in her mid-20s, would probably still be living in the provinces if she wasn’t too lovesick to care. The only thing they have in common is the knowledge that the world around them is broken and that it has to change. But these days, even saving the world is made into a TV show: the “Grand Prix de la Vision” is all about finding the next big idea. Although their plans are still at an embryonic stage, they decide to enter the competition. But the very fact that these four women are united in their search for change despite their differences soon appears more radical than the world around them can bear. Deploying her unique brand of subversive humour, Laura Naumann expertly depicts how difficult mutual understanding and solidarity can be, and where the seeds of genuine change are sown.

Laura Naumann

Laura Naumann

Laura Nauman was born in Leipzig in 1989, and grew up near Chemnitz. She volunteered for one year at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden; and has studied creative writing and cultural journalism at the University Hildesheim. In the years 2006 and 20 ...

Plays by Laura Naumann

U: 25.11.2016 Schauspiel Leipzig (Regie: Alexandra Wilke)