for ages 14 +

Germany’s borders are being guarded once again, the Euro has been abolished, nuclear power is back and the rights of asylum seekers have been pared back to a minimum. It’s been a few years since the National Alternative came to power and began implementing its agenda with ruthless efficiency. Anton, a young soldier, is excited about his nation’s new-found sense of confidence. His best friend Noah, however, hates the new policies. Yet both are conscripted into national service on the border to defend against refugees (now only referred to as “invaders”), with force of arms, if need be. Against people like Fana, who fled the hunger of Ethiopia to study medicine in Germany. When Anton is given a special undercover mission in the last remaining shelter for asylum seekers, he befriends Fana. Yet Anton discovers that his mission has deadly consequences. He is forced to decide between a national ideology and his friends – can he spend his life living by his own convictions and values?

Martin Schäuble »has written a political novel that relocates our present only slightly into the future« (Süddeutsche Zeitung), a work which unknowingly predicted the infamous real case of soldier Franco A., who disguised himself as a Syrian refugee to plan terrorist attacks. This gripping book aimed at young people is an attempt to »portray a country that has changed, as well as those who wanted and voted for that change.« (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Martin Schäuble

Martin Schäuble

Martin Schäuble was born in 1978, and began researching the activities of right-wing groups 15 years ago. He later studied politics in Berlin, Israel and in the Palestinian territories and wrote his doctoral thesis about two jihadists. Among his ...

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