Jesus liebt mich

[Jesus Loves Me]

Marie has an astonishing talent for falling in love with the wrong types of guys. Shortly after her wedding is cancelled, she meets a carpenter. He’s different from all the other men she knew before -- sensitive, selfless and attentive. Unfortunately, on their first date, he tells her that he is Jesus. At first Marie thinks he’s got a few bats in his belfry, but the carpenter’s story turns out to be true. He truly is the Messiah, who’s returned to earth ahead of the Day of Judgement. Marie is left asking herself not whether the world will come to an end next Tuesday, but whether she’s fallen for the wrongest sort of guy of them all.

Best-selling author David Safier followed the success of Bad Karma with Jesus Loves Me, which again found an audience of millions and was turned into a film in 2012. »An ironic comedy with depth« (Sächsische Zeitung), »superbly funny, elegantly written and at the same time charmingly silly«. (Max

David Safier

David Safier

David Safier was born in 1966, and is one of today’s most successful authors and screenwriters. His books Lousy Karma, Suddenly Shakespeare, Happy Family, Moo! and 28 Days sold millions. His books are also bestsellers in markets outside Germany ...

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