Nachtgespräche mit meinem Kühlschrank

[Nighttime conversations with my refrigerator]

Ulrich Bunzel is an actor. He once was every woman's dreamboat, but now he lives a lonely life in a drafty room in a boarding house. His only stage is his window, where he performs for passers-by. Today he expects his colleague Doris Dorsch as a guest star. But again, the truism proves correct, that he "always was fortunate with bad luck" - the famous actress cancels. And with a crowd already waiting outside his window, Bunzel has to improvise. "Tearfully funny, hilariously sad, (Bunzel) dances between heaven and earth as a brother to all the Chaplins and Keatons, a gentle clown, a wise fool ... He constantly suffers defeat. But with irresistible dignity and grotesque assertiveness, occasionally dampened by his own insight, he always picks himself up ... It is one big declaration of love for the theatre." (Die Welt)

Klaus Pohl

Klaus Pohl

Klaus Pohl (* 1952, Rothenburg ob der Tauber) trained as an actor at the Max-Reinhard-Seminar. In 1976 he became a full-time member of the acting company of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. His first play Da nahm der Himmel auch die Frau was ...

Plays by Klaus Pohl

U: 05.01.07 St.-Pauli-Theater Hamburg