Hund Hund

2F / 1M

Ingrid lets Micheline stay with her in her large apartment above the city, where she lives alone. Micheline is a stranger here, she says her wallet was stolen on the train, and now she doesn't know where to go. What was intended as a small act of charity becomes permanent; Ingrid provides Micheline with money, lets her borrow her own clothes. While Ingrid is off to work, Micheline tries on her life: dressed in Ingrid's clothes and using her name she meets the dog walker Tom in the park. When Ingrid finally would like to know more about her house guest, Micheline comes up with a wild story. Obsessed with the details, Ingrid gets deeper and deeper into Micheline's story, interrogates her, does research and transforms the stranger's quest into her own. In the process she also meets Tom and realizes that Micheline's story leaves many questions unanswered. When the symbiosis of the two women takes a problematic turn, Micheline asks Tom for help. But as it turns out, he has questions of his own.

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Sabine Wen-Ching Wang

Sabine Wen-Ching Wang

Sabine Wen-Ching Wang (born in 1973 in Münsterlingen, Switzerland) studied Sinology and East Asian History of Art in Zurich, Hangzhou (China) and Taipei (Taiwan). In 1995, her collection of poems das land in mir was published, followed by numerous ...

Plays by Sabine Wen-Ching Wang

U: 4.10.2011 Schlachthaus Theater Bern in Koproduktion mit dem Theater Winkelwiese Zürich (Regie: Beatrix Bühler)