Gelbe Tage

(Yellow Days)
1F / 2M

The war had already begun before it erupted: In spite of her brother's warnings, the woman is with a man who belongs to "the others". Still, so far the ideal of peaceful co-existence of different ethnic groups appears intact. They even unite against a third adversary from the outside. Man and Brother fight against them together and force them to retreat. But victory is not followed by reconciliation: now the conflict within this partnership of convenience is carried out openly and escalates into a bloodbath. Man and Brother become mortal enemies, and the woman is caught between enemy lines.
Using short, sparse scenes Daniela Janjic traces an image of how war creeps gradually into the bodies and thoughts of her characters, in order to nest there permanently. Politics reflect onto private life, and vice versa, and so Yellow Days becomes a condensed exemplary account of destruction entering even the smallest life unit.

This play has been translated into: Arab; English Yellow Days; Georgian; Polish Zolte dni; Russian; Spanish Días amarillos

Daniela Janjic

Daniela Janjic

Daniela Janjic, born in 1984, grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in Sweden. Since 1993, she has been living in Winterthur, Switzerland. In 2005, she began to study German language and literature at Zurich University, and since the fall of ...

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U: 26.1.2008 Theater an der Winkelwiese, Zürich (Regie: Stephan Roppel)