Sieben Sonette

(Seven Sonnets
Adapted from William Shakespeare)
nach William Shakespeare
3F / 3M

At a champagne reception, Fabian runs into his former school buddy Mark. Their philosophies of life and love could not be more different: Fabian is a lawyer, Mark assistant spokesman for the Lord Mayor. Fabian got married early and lives with his wife and his almost grown-up daughter in the suburbs like a good bourgeois; Max has had various affairs, right now mainly with his much younger intern Ariane. When still in school, Mark was able to get any girl he wanted, including Fabian's present wife, Katharina, as he believes to have found out. But there is something else that connects these two men: both their relationships are on the verge of ending. In both cases, the last word has not been spoken… Using seven sonnets of William Shakespeare and the mysteriously erotic tracks within them as a point of departure, John von Dueffel weaves, in seven scenes, a net of love entanglement that keeps tightening, and in which his characters, some tragically, some comically, are ensnared.

John von Düffel

John von Düffel

John von Düffel (born in 1966 in Göttingen), grew up in Londonderry, Ireland and Vermillion, South Dakota, USA. He studied Philosophy, Economics and German studies in Stirling, Scotland and Freiburg, Breisgau where he did his doctoral ...

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U: 13.03.2008 Schauspielbühnen (Altes Schauspielhaus) Stuttgart (R: Carl Philip von Maldeghem)