Der Kaktus

1F / 3M,

Jochen Dürrmann, from the special ops unit GSG 9, has managed to pull off a real coup. He arrested an internationally wanted terror suspect in front of a Frankfurt flower store, and brought him, with the assistance of the young beat cop Cem, to the station for interrogation. Neither Cem nor Dürrman, nor the police cadet Susi who soon joins the team, seem to be bothered by the fact that the alleged Al Quaida fighter happens to be a big cactus. There is just too much elation about the successful manhunt, too much confusion about who is in charge, and too many red herrings, like Cem's immigration status, Susi being discriminated against as a woman, or inconvenient questions about the boundaries of the rule of law. Since the culprit, as is to be expected from a cactus, remains silent, he is being threatened with torture. And the pace picks up even more when Dr. Schmidt of the federal criminal investigation bureau BKA rushes in, waving data from online surveillance and announces imminent danger: a terrorist attack in Frankfurt airport. The cactus is subjected to electric shocks until the conspirators begin to doubt their actions - unaware that the specters they raised will be haunting them for a long time.

The play has been translated into:

Juli Zeh

Juli Zeh

Juli Zeh was born 1974 in Bonn. She studied law from 1993 till 1998 in Passau and Leipzig. Even before the bar exam, she began studies at the Institute for German Literature in Leipzig, which she completed in 2000. In 2001 her first novel, Adler und ...

Plays by Juli Zeh

U: 05.11.2009 Münchner Volkstheater (Regie: Bettina Bruinier)