Der Wichtigtuer

frei nach Ludvig Holberg
[The Busybody]
3F / 7M, 2 additional performers

Prof. Dr. Dr. Vielschrei (Cryalot) is the owner of the IT company Letgo. Although highly traded on the TecDow, it is on the brink of bankruptcy - which might have to do with the fact that Letgo neither produces nor sells anything. But nonetheless, Vielschrei is constantly busy. He frantically jets around the globe, communicates like a maniac, fires off phrases at breakneck speed, constantly hears voices calling him to the next meeting, and his tinnitus drives him crazy. That a journalist is threatening to write about Letgo's insolvency doesn't improve the situation at all. Only if Vielschrei manages to marry off his daughter Leonore to the IT specialist Madsen, his business would be saved. But Leonore is in love with a have-not, and everybody else in Vielschrei’s circle is trying to prevent the forced marriage. Thus begins a comedy of errors, which becomes a continuation of Vielschrei’s risky investments and insider trading schemes into his family life.

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann (born in 1972 in Cologne) grew up in Darmstadt and studied playwriting in Berlin. Since 1999, Gieselmann has been writing plays and radio plays. In 1999 he was invited to the “International Residency of Playwrights” and ...

Plays by David Gieselmann

U: 09.01.2010 Theater St. Gallen, Regie: Tim Kramer