Das Leben des Siegfried

[The Life of Siegfried]
3F / 7M

Brunhilde had imagined Siegfried, her conqueror, somewhat differently. As he stands before her, he is not the swaggering fighter, but a likeable and bashful young man. Brunhilde is so ravished that she lays down her weapons - and her new fiancé does not have the nerve to admit that his name is not Siegfried, but Seefred, and that he only ran ashore on Iceland by accident. But at least he can convince her that he urgently has to leave before the wedding: His real purpose is to find the sea route to India. His search for a suitable ship brings him to Worms, where everybody mistakes him for Siegfried again - even Kriemhild, who would rather study than marry a beefcake, but who finds Seefred surprisingly attractive. When suddenly Brunhilde shows up at the city gates, Kriemhild is mislead by the Master of all schemers, Hagen, into an intrigue with deadly outcomes ... "Those who grew tired of the solemn underarm perspiration and the grim fight over the sacred cows of primordial German myths in Bayreuth, will find in this ... a highly entertaining alternative ... less classical comedy than a wild mix of styles between cabaret and comedy, a musical farce, driven by the lust for anarchic chaos in the spirit of the Marx Brothers." (Der Tagesspiegel)

John von Düffel

John von Düffel

John von Düffel (born in 1966 in Göttingen), grew up in Londonderry, Ireland and Vermillion, South Dakota, USA. He studied Philosophy, Economics and German studies in Stirling, Scotland and Freiburg, Breisgau where he did his doctoral ...

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