Falscher Hase

[Mock Turtle]
1F / 1M

Lisbeth Reimers gets a visit from her neighbour Reinhard Peters, a police officer. Or rather: The old lady has called the police, to complain about the noise in her apartment – noise that is not real. For two weeks now, she has been dialing 911, and her neighbor Peters has to check on her – on his own time. Is the old woman lonely, senile, or suicidal? Or rather: Mrs. Reimers only pretends to need those daily “visits”, out of concern for Mr. Peters. It appears that Mrs. Reimers knows a lot more about Mr. Peters’ boring life than he thinks. Or rather: Strange things are happening in Mrs. Reimers’ apartment. Has the policeman found evidence here? … What starts out as a casual chat by the apartment door, evolves into a highly entertaining, but otherwise existential fight for one’s own perception of reality.

This play has been translated into:
Turkish: Yalanci dolma

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann (born in 1972 in Cologne) grew up in Darmstadt and studied playwriting in Berlin. Since 1999, Gieselmann has been writing plays and radio plays. In 1999 he was invited to the “International Residency of Playwrights” and ...

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U: 05.02.2011 Theater Bielefeld (Regie: Christian Schlüter)