Superman ist tot

[Superman is dead]
1F / 1M, for ages 14 +

Louisa is hooked on the DC Universe, Karl loves Marvel. Every comic book lover knows what that means: Lifelong hostility, opposing worldviews, mutual disdain. It is amazing how quickly they both resolve the question “Your place, or mine?” And so begins a love story, which is fostered not only by deep affection, but sadly by another aspect as well: As a pharmacist, Luisa has easy access to the substances which Karl is taking excessively. And her love for him turns herself into a junkie. When they are both “high”, they feel invulnerable, stronger than Superman. Yet they soon realize that this can’t be healthy. But both are hooked too much on the intoxicated thrill of turning themselves into comic book heroes, to give up the drugs.
Holger Schober has written a play that does not make an educational effort at displaying young people’s drugs problems, but which simply follows the dangerously alluring feelings of omnipotence. He still makes it painfully clear, that close combat with a city bus might end your life. “Suspense, speed, wit, irony, and the courage to use poetry – instead of superficial yakking about social issues or goody-good narrative theatre, the play presents a show full of power and fast-paced entertainment, almost grotesquely freakish. And in the midst of it, moments of spontaneous silence, which leave room for soft voices, for contemplation, for something compelling.” (Nachtkritik)

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Holger Schober

Holger Schober

Holger Schober was born 1976 in Graz. He studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and subsequently began his training in cultural management. Holger Schober is an author, actor, and director. He has been writing plays and screenplays ...

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U: 11.11.2010 Theater Heilbronn (Regie: Dominik Günther)