Bearbeitet von Robert Koall
for ages 14 +

It is the first day of summer break: 14-year old Maik’s mother is in rehab like every year; his father took a young mistress on a business trip; the rest of his class have been invited to the prom queen’s birthday party. And Maik is alone in his mansion, with a pool, and 200 Euros in spending money. That’s when Tschick appears at his door, driving a Lada which was probably stolen. Tschick is a new kid in Maik’s class, a prole from the housing projects who is often drunk, and may belong to the Russian mob. Nonetheless, Maik gets into the Lada. Initially, they plan to drive in direction of Wallachia, to visit Tschick’s family, but soon (“maps are for sissies”) they just drive aimlessly, windows rolled down, and a soundtrack coming from the only tape available, Richard Clayderman’s Solid Gold Collection.

Tschick is the story of a summer road trip through a familiar, yet foreign Germany; through places in the middle of nowhere, through weird cratered landscapes and misplaced mountain ranges; populated by strange, yet disarmingly friendly people. A trip that is soaked in feelings of freedom and adventure, and at the same time full of melancholy because it cannot go on forever.



Wolfgang Herrndorf

Wolfgang Herrndorf

Wolfgang Herrndorf, born in Hamburg in 1965, studied art, contributed drawings to Titanic amongst other publications, and began to write relatively late in his career. In 2002 his debut novel, Velvet Thunder, was published, for which Joachim Lottmann ...

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