(Portrait of Youth)
Variable cast, for ages 14 +

What defines youth, what is memory? Katharina Schmitt’s play takes the spectator on a museum tour of puberty, with eleven objects. The objects on display are on loan by different owners. The resulting portrait of youth is as varied and controversial as the statements of the owners. Their memories revolve around an elusive center of observation: the child, the teenage girl – while the objects take on an ever-stronger life of their own.

Katharina Schmitt

Katharina Schmitt

Katharina Schmitt was born in Bremen in 1979. Between 2001 and 2006, she studied theatrical directing in Prague. Ever since, she has been directing plays and operas at theatres in the Czech Republic and throughout the German-speaking parts of Europe. ...

Plays by Katharina Schmitt

U: 18.02.2012, Thalia Theater Hamburg (Regie: Benedikt Haubrich)