Du bist dabei!

1F / 1M, for ages 12 +

This tour is their last chance. Bastian Wunz (he looks like his name sounds) and Lisa Lohr (who is no longer the style icon she once was) had been the stars of one of many casting shows; They performed in front of hundreds of thousands, and even have some Top-5 hits to their name. But now they have reached rock bottom: they do their show for classrooms. Bastian minces no words about their lousy audience. He’s just a loud-mouthed, socially inept musical genius. So Lisa has to play the optimistically energized bunny in order to encourage Bastian to give a professional performance. After all, this performance will be videotaped for a reality show – where they eventually may get to show who they really are. But ultimately, it does not matter that they both have internalized the roles that had been assigned to them by their managers; it does not matter whether Bastian is gay, or Lisa is depressed, or they are secret lovers. Having a career in music has become unthinkable, given their dire situation. This whole casting circus is dehumanizing, one can’t be part of such dreck – on this, Bastian and Lisa can agree. As soon as this highly emotional material is in the can, they move on to the high point of their performance: The audience will vote one of them off, thus deciding who will continue the school tour.

Holger Schober

Holger Schober

Holger Schober was born 1976 in Graz. He studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and subsequently began his training in cultural management. Holger Schober is an author, actor, and director. He has been writing plays and screenplays ...

Plays by Holger Schober

U: 08.11.2011 Deutsches Theater Berlin (Regie: Dominik Günther)