(About Love)
(Om kärlek)
2F / 3M

A and B have a son who is seven years old. They had been talking about having another child and buying a house for a long time now, but more recently, B shows very little enthusiasm for planning the future together.
For years, C and D have been trying for a child, without luck. Every treatment has failed, and now they are considering adoption.
The plane of time shifts, the stories overlap: C has an affair with B. C and D have been divorced for some time now, the marriage of B and A is on the brink, and another character, E, appears – his relationship failed a long time ago, after the little girl that he and his ex-wife had adopted, died only a few months later. But isn’t that C’s past, which forces its way into the present? Then B becomes pregnant, and C’s desire to have a child finally seems to get fulfilled. But B decides not to carry the child to term.

In About Love, Norén proves himself again as the master in dissecting human relationships. Psychological precision and broadest universality are combined into a play which is reduced to the minimum necessary: “A chamber play about the most banal of things: relationships, infertility, betrayal, somebody dies, a quarrel, so trivial that we soon forget who quarreled and why. Like in a soap opera – but without the soapsuds, without the shrill overtones of false intimacy. Naked, stripped of all senseless excuses.” (Dagens Nyheter)

Lars Norén

Lars Norén

Lars Norén (born in 1944 in Stockholm). He started writing at the age of thirteen; his first collection of poems Syrener, snö was published in 1963. Since then he has been writing poetry, novels, theatre-, television- and radio plays. ...

Plays by Lars Norén

U: 23.01.2010 Dramaten, Stockholm (Regie: Sara Giese)

DSE: 20.01.2012 Schauspiel Frankfurt (Regie: Alexander Frank)