Über Jungs

Bin ich Küche
(About Boys)
2F / 5M, for ages 14 +

Five violent juvenile offenders are mandated to participate in an anti-violence training program: a cooking class to teach them consommé instead of conflict, teamwork instead of single combats. Intended originally as a boys-only class, four “tough guys” are joined by a girl who pulls no punches. A tough-as-nails head cook, an overbearing father who quotes Confucius, hot cooktops, sharp kitchen knives, time pressure, and lots of testosterone are the ingredients for a play inspired by real-life training programmes.

The play has been translated into:

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann (born in 1972 in Cologne) grew up in Darmstadt and studied playwriting in Berlin. Since 1999, Gieselmann has been writing plays and radio plays. In 1999 he was invited to the “International Residency of Playwrights” and ...

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U: 22.05.2012 Grips Theater, Berlin (Regie: Mina Salehpour)