Clyde und Bonnie 2

Noch ein B-Movie
1F / 1M

Mothers, hide your children! Fathers, hide your savings! Clyde and Bonnie are back in town! A brief synopsis of what happened before: Clyde, whose real name is Werner, and Bonnie, which is her real name - parents can be so cruel - meet each other, fall in love, and start robbing banks. On the occasion of their 10th bank robbery, Bonnie gets shot and killed. Clyde takes refuge in a bar and is actually still sitting there. So much for part one. But what Clyde did not know is that he and Bonnie have a daughter, who is now 16 and somehow feels that she doesn't fit in with the family she lives with. She doesn't know that they are her foster family. If the first part of the play was a love story, then the second is the story of a father and a daughter: An evening about responsibility, love and also about how to stay cool when the cops are hot on your heels.

Holger Schober

Holger Schober

Holger Schober was born 1976 in Graz. He studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and subsequently began his training in cultural management. Holger Schober is an author, actor, and director. He has been writing plays and screenplays ...

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U: Oktober 2012 Koproduktion Dschungel Wien / Theaterland Steiermark