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After his parents’ death, Cornelius moves from the country to the city, to learn or at least to live. Finding work is the last ting on this young dreamer’s mind, since there are so many new and exciting things before him. There is, first and foremost, the beautifully bizarre Minna (Die Mine), who is just as uncomfortable in the real world as he is. And, quite unnecessarily, there is Boy Hornbach, his worst best friend, a questionable artist and perennial antipode. The fact that Minna repeatedly and accidentally wakes up in Boy Hornbach’s bed only confirms Cornelius’ notion that the world is a mess and rather unfair. It takes someone like the determined Fräulein Schneider, a prospective veterinarian on a quick visit to the big city, to avenge all the injustice done to her Cornelius and to correct the situation with a few drastic measures. But that includes taking the protagonist back home and prescribing a solid biography for him.

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Michel Decar

Michel Decar

Michel Decar was born in Augsburg, in 1987. He studied German literature and history at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, where he directed his first plays at the Studiobühne. Since 2010, he has been studying dramatic writing at the ...

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