Macht der Wölfe

The Power of Wolves
2F / 3M, for ages 14 +

In a deserted cave, two worlds collide. Jakob and Charlotte, two affluent kids, unknowingly enter the gang territory of Leyla, Sam, and Manuel, who live in the high-rise projects and have used the underground structure for quite a while to reenact computer games. Beyond the reach of parents, police, and mobile networks, fantasy meets realpolitik, “rich ghetto” meets “lower class”. From the onset, Jakob and Charlotte, who see an economic potential in this cave, appear to be clearly dominant. But gradually, existing alliances begin to crumble, fronts are changing. Each one has to confront some basic questions: How free am I to make my decisions? What am I worth to myself? And what do the others mean to me?

Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel (born in 1965 in Kassel) studied at Gießen University’s drama department. He has been living as a freelance author in Berlin since 1993. In 1998 Ammann Verlag published his first novel Terrordrom which Frank Castorf dramatised ...

Plays by Tim Staffel

U: 23.04.2013 Theater Heidelberg (Regie: Alexandra Holtsch)