Die deutsche Ayse

Türkische Lebensbäume - Ein Rechercheprojekt
Turkish Trees of Life

Compiled from his own experiences, but mainly from interviews with three first-generation female Turkish immigrants, Moğuls The German Ayşe “is a sharp-tongued genre picture of the early immigration into Germany, of three strong women, who in spite of adversities are full of (survival) vigor and contribute to the economic recovery of their new homeland ... Tuğsal Moğul looks into the abyss beneath the German society of the Sixties and Seventies. But at the same time, he satirizes Turkish behavior patterns.” (Westfälische Nachrichten) “While politics as well as theater like to stage immigration stories as tragedies, Moğul simply puts three personal histories on stage, without dramatizing and distorting them … He incites our curiosity for these three personal stories, and at the same time he makes clear, that they are entirely characteristic immigrant stories.” (Nachtkritik) “Moğul weaves his material into a loose, narratively musical Web … His evening directs our view to the blind spot of public perception.” (Theater heute) “A timelessly contemporary, sensitive play one will not easily forget.” (WDR)

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul was born 1969 in Neubeckum. He holds degrees in acting, directing, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine, for which he studied, in parallel and over the course of nine years, medicine in Hannover, Vienna, and Lübeck, as well as ...

Plays by Tugsal Mogul

U: 08.03.2013 Städtische Bühnen Münster (Regie: Tuğsal Moğul)