Die Phobiker

The Phobics
3F / 3M

Marry in haste; repent at leisure … In view of the many diverse life plans, coming at us and rushing past us, all certainties disappear. How can one be sure when choosing a partner for life? That is why the characters in this turbulent comedy are completely overwhelmed. Claire and Clemens are about to have their bachelor-/bachelorette-party, but whether they really should get married, or whether they are even still in love, is more than questionable. The bride and groom’s parents, as well as their respective best friends have been more or less rattled by rumors of a breakup, and they try to intervene in some way or another. But by doing so, they only cause further mayhem, with insolvencies, surprise coming-outs, with drug problems, with fear of eyeglasses and raclette grills. The wedding party rushes breathlessly through one single night, and skillfully played games of mistaken identity all but threaten to obliterate the characters’ identities. The only thing that becomes certain at the end is that Claire and Clemens do not want to not get married. That’s all the certainty they can get.

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann

David Gieselmann (born in 1972 in Cologne) grew up in Darmstadt and studied playwriting in Berlin. Since 1999, Gieselmann has been writing plays and radio plays. In 1999 he was invited to the “International Residency of Playwrights” and ...

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U: 06.09.2013 Theater Osnabrück (Regie: Christian Brey)