Jenny Jannowitz

[Jenny Jannowitz]
3F / 3M

Karlo Kollmar just slept through an entire season. When he returns to his bustling workplace, he finds that a few things in his life have been strangely messed up. His boss rather wants to be his buddy, his mother wants him to call her only by her first name, his best friend becomes his adversary, and his girlfriend’s name is Sibylle … or Sabine, or Sabynne. Lucky that Carlo Collmar – sounds much more cosmopolitan and chic, doesn’t it? – listened to his boss and has become flexible enough to adapt to anything new. Which means he can be transferred further and further east – until he ends up in Hannover. All options should be open for young Collmar, and yet, he has the strong feeling that he has no choice, that he is always missing out on something. But before he despairs in his search for a fixed set of coordinates, he meets Jenny Jannowitz, who has an entirely different outlook on things.
Michel Decar has written a dizzying play about the ordinary madness of the modern world, about the comical side of our unending forsakenness.

Michel Decar

Michel Decar

Michel Decar was born in Augsburg, in 1987. He studied German literature and history at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, where he directed his first plays at the Studiobühne. Since 2010, he has been studying dramatic writing at the ...

Plays by Michel Decar

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