Camp Cäsar

for ages 14 +

How does a democratic society work? How can ideals like liberty, equality and justice, be turned into reality? A group of adolescents meets up in a chat room for a “real life” experiment: Far from their familiar environment, without smart phones or internet access, in an abandoned ancient Roman forum, they want to go back where Julius Caesar once began and try out “rulership without a ruler”. But before long, their division into populace, senators and elected consuls causes tension. Who will be endowed with which rights and duties, how will food and property be distributed, what happens to the enemies of this newly formed republic? Heated discussions about the proper form of government quickly turn into a violent struggle for power and participation, social inclusion and exclusion, and end in disaster.

Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel (born in 1965 in Kassel) studied at Gießen University’s drama department. He has been living as a freelance author in Berlin since 1993. In 1998 Ammann Verlag published his first novel Terrordrom which Frank Castorf dramatised ...

Plays by Tim Staffel

U: 07.09.2014 Junges Theater Basel (Regie: Daniel Wahl)