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Ein Rechercheprojekt zum NSU

Germans Were Also Among the Victims ”is perhaps the most densely compressed investigation into the infamous ‘NSU’ case, a series of murders committed by neo-Nazis over many years. Tuğsal Moğul has assembled a review of the pertinent incidents and facts that takes one’s breath away. ... (He) shows the shady security agents and the informants who turn out to be criminals and neo-Nazis who use the money paid for their “services” to expand their far right groups, depicts the destruction of important files and the shameful way the relatives of the victims were treated. Moğul has tied this reality-drenched, compact knot of information cleverly. At times his three narrative voices alternate quickly as though they are bringing information together, then at other times they offer longer narrative passages, or an on-stage reproduction of certain events ... Investigators, perpetrators, victims, politicians, witnesses, anyone and everyone ... On the whole, the refraction through media and the ironic colourations are successfully used, as they undermine our reflex to feel dismay and sadness while at the same time exposing how shocking these events are.” (Theater heute) “An impressive 90-minute white-knuckle ride through the hair-raising inconsistencies surrounding the NSU case, which are enough to have us doubting if we live under the rule of law.” (Der Tagesspiegel)

Translations include
Turkish: Ölenler arasinda almanlar da var

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul was born 1969 in Neubeckum. He holds degrees in acting, directing, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine, for which he studied, in parallel and over the course of nine years, medicine in Hannover, Vienna, and Lübeck, as well as ...

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U: 17.01.2015 Theater Münster (Regie: Tuğsal Moğul)