Wunderungen durch die Mark Uckermark

Ein Stück Genre
2F / 2M

Forests, lakes, herons, reeds gently wafting in the wind... The bucolic scenes suggested by Google Earth are a far cry from reality, as city dwellers Anne (anorexia) and Felicitas (burnout) soon discover. In the analogue world, they visit a courtyard complex with buildings on each of the four sides which is located in the supposedly tranquil Uckermark region, with a view to converting it into an oasis of rest for the chronically restless. Unfortunately, one of the four sides is missing, as a neighbour, Uli the Fisherman, has used its stone to build a mausoleum for his deceased dog. Needless to say, this does diminish the location’s sense of seclusion somewhat. Herr Bär, the intrusively brash estate agent, also does his part to prevent the women from attaining their goal of demolishing outdated concepts of femininity in this “land of abandoned men”. But with Anna’s and Felicitas’ client, Viola Miranda, insisting on communicating by letter instead of visiting in person, and an ex-Stasi officer conducting tank manoeuvres in a nearby forest, the two women finally start to question their plans.

Lisa Engel

Lisa Engel

Lisa Engel is a pseudonym. Nothing is known about the author. In 1996, her play Mother’s Night was presented at the Heidelberger Stückemarkt theatre festival as well as the playwright’s festival at the Hanover State Theatre, receiving its world ...

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