Der Miesepups

for ages 4 +

Miesepups lives in a dark hollow tree trunk in a mossy wood. He doesn’t get up to much except sleeping, stomping around the place, tripping over things he’s left lying around, grumbling and going back to sleep. He doesn’t go out or get any visitors. In fact, he generally doesn’t like anyone at all. When three little animals play in front of his home one day, Miesepups gives them a real dressing down. Two of them run off, never to be seen again. But one annoying little animal, Kucks, comes back to Miesepups’s house day after day bringing food and presents, asking how he is and generally remaining pretty unimpressed by Miesepups’s bad moods. Miesepups grumbles, scolds and blusters as much as he can, all to no avail. At night, a fairy appears. Miesepups, needless to say, finds fairies generally pointless. Yet somehow he can’t bring himself to wish his little acquaintance away...
Some days, everything seems wrong and we need a bit of support to do get over our bad mood. Kirsten Fuchs’s prose text is suitable for performance either as a monologue or as a play with several roles.

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs was born in 1977 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, and is perhaps the best known and most popular author on Berlin’s Lesebühne spoken word performance scene. She won the renowned Open Mike literature competition in 2003 with her highly ...

Plays by Kirsten Fuchs

U: 03.03.2018 Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen (Regie: Benedikt Grubel)