Schere Faust Papier

[Scissors Paper Fist]

Everything begins with a leap through time. At least three (or perhaps infinitely many) nameless figures sitting in a nuclear bunker are convinced that they have literally been bombed back to the Stone Age. »Maybe they are players in a role-playing game that have ended up on the wrong level. They tell each other the history of the world, acting out the narrative for each other: it all started with a scratching, then came a human being, then vast herds in an isolated landscape populated by trees and souls, burning fields, a wooden horse, crusades, the conquest of a new continent, overthrow of a despot and a revolution, terrorist states and missile launch codes. Michael Decar’s play is a Faustian project. Immersed in a multitude of headlines and names, sequences and lists, the objective here is to reach deeper insights and usable results from the fullness of the world. Decar initiates dialogues with sudden changes of direction. Mystery plays are staged, cave allegories misused, satyr plays presented, off-the-cuff reports on concrete proffered, press conferences improvised. Something like that, anyway. « (Theater heute in its Annual 2016)

Michel Decar

Michel Decar

Michel Decar was born in Augsburg, in 1987. He studied German literature and history at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, where he directed his first plays at the Studiobühne. Since 2010, he has been studying dramatic writing at the ...

Plays by Michel Decar

U: 18.12.2016 Thalia Theater, Hamburg (Regie: Ersan Mondtag)