Der goldene Schnitt

Ein Fest rund um die Vorhaut
[The Cut]
1F / 2M

Ibrahim, an anaesthetist with Muslim roots, and his wife Judith, a doctor with Jewish ancestry, are planning a big party for their son’s circumcision. But dissonant voices soon disrupt the party atmosphere. Are Ibrahim and Judith continuing with a ritual that is vital to forming an identity? Or does the operation infringe on the child’s rights over his own body?
»Mogul manages very successfully to get to the heart of a conflict that many migrants know all too well: How Western, how modern do I want to be? How many of my ancestral traditions do I want to play a role in my life so as not to disown my roots? … [This play makes for] a short and entertaining theatre evening that addresses a serious issue.« (WAZ)
» [This play] demands [of the audience] that they think for themselves.« (Deutschlandfunk)

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul was born 1969 in Neubeckum. He holds degrees in acting, directing, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine, for which he studied, in parallel and over the course of nine years, medicine in Hannover, Vienna, and Lübeck, as well as ...

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U: 16.04.2016 Theater Dortmund (Regie: Tugsal Mogul)