Auschwitz, meine Liebe

[Auschwitz, My Love]
1M, for ages 14 +

Salomon begins telling his story on a day that might be his birthday. He doesn’t know how old he is because his life began at the Auschwitz concentration camp. He grew up there, forced into labour and used as a courier across the camp. In winter, he was permitted to keep warm in the gas chambers before spreading their ashes onto the paths. And he survived. Salomon travels to Israel, where he discovers a new purpose in his life: music. Finally, he is offered employment at an opera house in Germany, the country of his birth, a place he swore never to set foot in again. He stays, marries and fathers children. But it is only years later, prompted by his granddaughter, that he finds words for what he experienced in his early childhood.

Holger Schober

Holger Schober

Holger Schober was born 1976 in Graz. He studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and subsequently began his training in cultural management. Holger Schober is an author, actor, and director. He has been writing plays and screenplays ...

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