The Queen`s Men

Eine Shakespeare Komödie
Durchgesehen und ergänzt von Leonhard Koppelmann
Mit Songs von Peter Jordan
[The Queen`s Men]
1F / 9M

A fierce battle is raging at court between Protestants and Catholics. Supporters of Mary Stuart have tried to assassinate Elizabeth I, but the plot was foiled at the last minute. Elizabeth quickly decides to go incognito and join a band of actors to find out what the people really think about her. What better place than a theatre, where criminality is commonplace and where all the social classes mix? But as part of the “Boys from the West Side” group she witnesses intrigues far worse than those at court: the intrigues centred on the vanity of the actors, the power struggles for the best roles, the arguments about money (which always seems to have run out), heated discussions about how political, commercial or sophisticated the plays should be... The rivalries between the members seem constantly to be escalating into open warfare. But when Elizabeth is captured and thrown into the Tower of London, all the disputes are instantly forgotten, with the actors unified in their purpose of securing the release of their queen.

The Queen’s Men is a heady mix of the adventure, crime and romantic comedy genres, yet also a furious, highly enjoyable romp through the complete works of William Shakespeare. Not only is the Bard’s identity finally revealed but the play also makes references that seem pointedly relevant to us today. The issues touched on here include perceptions of women and femininity, state censorship as well an age-old controversy: Would Hamlet have worked better staged as a musical? No one and nothing is spared the trenchant wit of Peter Jordan in this ironic and subversive play.

Peter Jordan

Peter Jordan

Born in Dortmund in 1967, Peter Jordan’s stage acting career has included work at the Schauspielhaus theatre in Bochum, and from 2000 to 2009 at Hamburg’s Thalia Theater. He has also played many cinema and television roles. For many years, he has ...

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U: 16.09.2017 Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (Regie: Peter Jordan und Leonhard Koppelmann)