Und Gott sprach: Wir müssen reden!

[And God Said: We Have To Talk!]
Bearbeitet von Lars Georg Vogel

Jakob Jakobi’s psychotherapy practice isn’t doing well. He is running out of money and his wife has left him. Then, when he gets involved in a fist fight, he feels like fate is out to get him. He wakes up in the Accident and Emergency department of a local hospital, where he meets Abel Baumann, a circus clown with cardiac arrhythmia. Plus, Abel also claims to be God. And that he’s in trouble. All the stress of running the world has led to his physical symptoms, he claims. His doctor has recommended psychotherapy to find the trigger for his episodes. This fateful meeting between Jakob and Abel is the beginning of a story involving a rolling barrage of turbulent events and complications. After all, it’s not every day we get to meet God. If it’s really him, that is...

Hans Rath

Hans Rath

Born in 1965, Hans Rath studied philosophy, German studies and psychology in Bonn. He lives with his family in Berlin, where he works, among other things, as a scriptwriter. His trilogy Man tut, was man kann, Da muss man durch and Was will man mehr ...

Plays by Hans Rath

U: 25.9.2017 Theater am Kurfürsten­damm, Berlin (Regie: Ute Willing)