So, und jetzt kommst du

[Now It’s Your Turn]

This story focusses on a father, mother and three children in the West German provinces during the 1980s. Jürgen is a car salesman; he and his wife Jutta are heavily in debt but happy nonetheless. Suddenly, they «hit the Jackpot» and from one day to the next move to the south of France. The kids find themselves in an earthly paradise, but their parents are behaving more and more oddly. One day, the truth emerges thanks to a coincidence: their father is a con man. At the last moment, the family escapes impending arrest and the chase across Europe goes on.

«Arno Frank is a direct, quick storyteller and unsentimental in his precision, which is why his work is stirring ... A novel about ruthlessness, a refusal to confront the world and being in defiance of life. And horror. We are thankful that we only have to read, and not live, this story.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
«The situational humour is nearly as precise as Wolfgang Herrndorf’s, and the racing plot has you in its grip. At the same time we are both moved and appalled.» (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Arno Frank

Arno Frank

Arno Frank was born in Kaiserslautern in 1971. He is a writer and freelance journalist. He writes for taz, Die Zeit, Spiegel Online and Musikexpress, among others. He lives with his family in Wiesbaden.

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