Der goldene Handschuh

Bühnenfassung von Studio Braun
[The Golden Glove]
5F / 7M

»The Golden Glove« is a bar near the Reeperbahn on the wrong side of St Pauli, a place where the humiliated and offended congregate, a home for the homeless, for alcoholics and prostitutes. One of them is Fritz Honka, who meets the women here he later turns into his victims. A few kilometres away, on Elbchaussee, one of the city’s premier residential addresses, things aren’t much better. Three generations of the von Dohren family of shipping magnates are busy perfecting their own method of tearing people apart. Only the youngest, called WH3, believes that he has found happiness. On the Reeperbahn, he finally meets a girl who seems genuinely interested in him...

Heinz Strunk’s award-winning novel about Honka, a serial killer of women, and Hamburg’s post-war society has been adapted for the stage by Studio Braun. »Society is seen as a uniform milieu in which everyone, be they sitting at the head of a boardroom table or at the counter of a seedy bar, despairs of the world. That makes this play more instructive than a sociology conference, and a whole lot more entertaining.« (Die Zeit)

Heinz Strunk

Heinz Strunk

The musician, actor and writer Heinz Strunk was born in Hamburg in 1962. He is a founding member of the comedian trio Studio Braun. His book Meat Is My Veg has sold half a million copies. It has since been adapted into a prize-winning radio play, an ...

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U: 18.11.2017 Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg (Regie: Studio Braun)