SMS für dich

(Texting You)
Bearbeitet von Oliver Geilhardt
3F / 1M

Whenever Clara misses Ben she texts him. For years she shared every thought and feeling with Ben. And although he has since died, texting Ben still gives her a feeling of being connected to him. What Clara doesn’t know is that Ben’s number has been allocated to someone else. Her messages arrive on the phone of Sven, an avowed single. Despite his instincts, Sven’s curiosity is sparked by Clara’s touching texts. He begins a search for their mysterious author.

Sofie Cramer

Sofie Cramer

Sofie Cramer, born in northern Germany’s heathland in 1974, studied German language and literature and political science in Bonn and Hanover. Today, she lives and works as a freelance scriptwriter and author in Hamburg. Sofie Cramer writes ...

Plays by Sofie Cramer

U: 05.09.2019 Neues Theater Hannover (Regie: Christian Voss)