Nachts im Ozean

[Ocean, At Night ]
1F / 2M

Moskowitz, a writer, is waiting in a hotel in Montevideo for a car to take him to the premiere of his new play being performed at the Teatro Nacional. What Moskowitz doesn’t realise is that he is being targeted by an organisation that has hacked his phone and his email account. Its agent, Nightingale, follows his every step, even as his path loops round into a circle and he wanders lost through this unfamiliar city. Moskowitz can’t find the Teatro, despite having been given directions on the telephone by its director, Cáceres, who seems to be part of the conspiracy. What begins as a harmless trip abroad soon descends into a dark nightmare. Moskowitz, Nightingale and Cáceres become increasingly entangled in a confusing web that they might unconsciously be weaving for themselves, and finally lose any sense of orientation they might once have had.
Reminiscent of mystery thrillers by David Lynch or Christopher Nolan, Michel Decars’ three characters retell the same story from three different perspectives. Soon, no-one can distinguish anymore between hallucinations and reality, between paranoia and targeted manipulation. Ocean, At Night is a cunning game of life and death that ends in surrender.

Michel Decar

Michel Decar

Michel Decar was born in Augsburg, in 1987. He studied German literature and history at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, where he directed his first plays at the Studiobühne. Since 2010, he has been studying dramatic writing at the ...

Plays by Michel Decar

U: (als Online-Premiere) 26.11.2020 Anhaltisches Theater Dessau (Regie: Michel Decar)