Das Nacktschnecken-Game

(The Slug Game)
2F / 2M, for ages 12 +

Four teenagers play truant from sex education lessons. They meet in the school toilets, where some of them want to snog and some rather not. But instead, all four of them suddenly find themselves in an adventure game filled with seemingly unsolvable puzzles. How do you make a slug reproduce? Does it even want to? And why does the very strange game master give the boys an advantage all the time? Struggling through level after level, the group has to overcome nasty hormones, needy knights and a lot of half-baked ideas about boys, girls, sex and identity before they can all return to their normal lives.

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs

Kirsten Fuchs was born in 1977 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, and is perhaps the best known and most popular author on Berlin’s Lesebühne spoken word performance scene. She won the renowned Open Mike literature competition in 2003 with her highly ...

Plays by Kirsten Fuchs

U: 28.03.2019 GRIPS Theater Berlin (Regie: Maria Lilith Umbach)