Wir haben getan, was wir konnten

Eine medizinisch-theatrale Recherche über Leben und Tod im deutschen Gesundheitswesen
(We Did What We Could)
1F / 2M

A greedy pharmacist meddles in large-scale adulteration of cancer medication. A nurse decides at what point her patients have suffered enough. An orderly gives countless lethal injections: Tuğsal Moğul uses three criminal cases to shine a light on the dangers of our health system. Clinic corporations and the pharma industry are interested in profit, and this sometimes exacts a high price, especially from clinical staff, who have to comply with uncompromising benchmarks. Without this pressure of economic efficiency, which degrades patients to goods, these three cases would hardly have happened …

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul

Tugsal Mogul was born 1969 in Neubeckum. He holds degrees in acting, directing, anesthesiology, and emergency medicine, for which he studied, in parallel and over the course of nine years, medicine in Hannover, Vienna, and Lübeck, as well as ...

Plays by Tugsal Mogul

U: 12.09.2020 Schauspielhaus Hamburg (Regie: Tuğsal Moğul )