Personenkreis 3.1

(Circle of Persons 3.1.)
(Personkrets 3:1 - Morire di classe)
5F / 10M

The title employs an academic phrase used in the Swedish administration, it is a euphemism for the debased and outcast of society: drug addicts, homeless, bums, prostitutes, the long-term unemployed, alcoholics, immigrants, the mentally ill, a crosscut of all layers of society. Norén gathers them in a large public space and follows them through the day. Fragments of biographies and personal tragedies emerge, documented through accurate observation and at the same time construed with artistic precision. "Here the invisible become visible... a labyrinth of confessions and hellish complaints." (Die Zeit) "Norén's eschatological play uses a monological structure to design a dramaturgy of destruction. The three acts are a methaphysical triptych, inscribed with a deep desire for liberation... an oratory for the discriminated." (Frankfurter Rundschau)

Lars Norén

Lars Norén

Lars Norén (born in 1944 in Stockholm). He started writing at the age of thirteen; his first collection of poems Syrener, snö was published in 1963. Since then he has been writing poetry, novels, theatre-, television- and radio plays. ...

Plays by Lars Norén

U: 11.2.1998 Dramaten/Riksteatern, Stockholm (R: Lars Norén)

DSE: 24.1.2000 Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin (R: Thomas Ostermeier)