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The star journalist Rosa Sabato talks about her life on television, while her husband Eric, a well-known psychoanalyst, watches the live talk on the small screen at home. For years, the Chilean couple had been living in exile in Paris; they both have a secret affair with Luca, and both don't know that Luca is their son who had been missing since they fled their home. Eyes wide open but still blind, the characters get entangled in a monstruous family drama, which is concluded by a second TV interview, this time with Luca. "The abstract might read like a forcibly construed colportage, but it is a sensitive update on the ancient Oedipus myth. Norén... uses subtle discovery techniques to illuminate the web of relationships between three people, whose personalities have been destroyed by political violence." (Westfälische Allgemeine Zeitung)

Lars Norén

Lars Norén

Lars Norén (born in 1944 in Stockholm). He started writing at the age of thirteen; his first collection of poems Syrener, snö was published in 1963. Since then he has been writing poetry, novels, theatre-, television- and radio plays. ...

Plays by Lars Norén

U: 25.11.1995 Betty Nansen Teatret, Kopenhagen (R: Vibeke Bjelke)

DSE: 10.5.1996 Theater Oberhausen (R: Klaus Weise)