Ein seltsamer Kampf um die Stadt Samarkand

(The Strange Battle for the City of Samarkand)

A showpiece of verbal entrapment between the Mongolian prince Jatagan and Oman, the Padishah of Samarkand, breaks the vicious circle of violence and counter-violence with its childlike naivete. Clever scheming for peace, but also the emergence of aggression, the growing and overcoming of prejudices have been translated into literature. Who can rhyme more artfully? The poetic duel between the two antagonists turns this skill into a seismometer for positions of power and emotional worlds.

Harald Mueller

Harald Mueller

Harald Mueller (born in 1934 in Memel) grew up after the war in Lütjenburg, Holstein. He worked as a miner, hotel boy, receptionist and interpreter before he began his training to be an actor and studied Literary and Theatre Studies in Munich in 1955 ...

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U: 27.9.1986 Städtische Bühnen Münster (R: Johannes Kaetzler)