Die Nacht, in der der Chef geschlachtet wurde

(The Night When the Boss Got Butchered)
2F / 5M

A comedy, demonstrating the latent potential for violence in the bourgeoisie. The bank employee Oskar Buksch, passed over for promotion again, has a restless night - real scenes in bed with his wife alternate with fragmented dreamlike visions of a power trip and supremacy, where Buksch acts as crime boss or dictator in exotic settings and seeks brutal revenge from the people in his everyday life. Kipphardt: "When I look at our reality, I am disconcerted by the thin varnish of a formal democracy, covering our longing for authority, and how a certain unease with our own existence brusquely expresses itself in an anti-democratic way."

Heinar Kipphardt

Heinar Kipphardt

Heinar Kipphardt (born in 1922 in Heinersdorf, died in 1982) studied Medicine at the University of Bonn. Whilst studying, he was conscripted into military service and sent to the Eastern Front where he deserted shortly before the end of the war. In 1 ...

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U: 13.5.1967 Staatstheater Stuttgart (R: Peter Palitzsch)