Der Aufstieg des Alois Piontek

The Rise of Alois Piontek
2F / 19M, Minimum cast 15

By claiming to be able to manufacture synthetic diamonds on the cheap, a West German businessman managed to pour other people's money into his company. He christened the first gem "Erhard", and the flattered namesake, Germany's Minister for Economics, expressed "greatest interest" in the project - until the fraud was exposed. Kipphardt builds up this true event to a tragicomical farce and shows a "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle) based on pure deception. In their search for investors, his heroes, Sambale and Piontek, end up hoodwinking the whole government. Deep down, Piontek wants to be an honest man, and he balks at the manipulations forced on him by the situation, and he ends up hanging himself...

Heinar Kipphardt

Heinar Kipphardt

Heinar Kipphardt (born in 1922 in Heinersdorf, died in 1982) studied Medicine at the University of Bonn. Whilst studying, he was conscripted into military service and sent to the Eastern Front where he deserted shortly before the end of the war. In 1 ...

Plays by Heinar Kipphardt

U: 12.2.1956 Deutsches Theater Berlin (R: Heinar Kipphardt)