Stecken, Stab und Stangl

Eine Handarbeit
Minimum cast 4

In an Austrian village, four gypsies are murdered. The media assumes a pose of routine concern at best, but otherwise, business goes on as usual. For Jelinek, the murders of the four men and how the issue is being handled “trigger a powerful chain of associations echoing the destruction of gypsies and Jews by the Nazis intertwined with the everyday seaminess of xenophobia and tourism, enthusiasm for sport and tabloid press, cabaret and quiz show … A densely woven carpet of quotations and references which form complex twists and knots.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

The play has been translated into:
French: Houlette, Baton et Schlag
Hungarian: Kézimunka (Vesszö, bot és rúd)

Elfriede Jelinek

Elfriede Jelinek

Elfriede Jelinek, who was born in 1946 and grew up in Vienna, now lives in Vienna and Munich. She has received numerous awards for her literary works, which include not only novels but also plays, poetry, essays, translations, radio plays, ...

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U: 12.4.1996 Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg (R: Thirza Bruncken)