Othello. Therapie

4F / 1M

Men and women simply do not go together – that is what Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca - strangled by Othello, stabbed by Iago, and Cassio’s ex respectively - have drastically experienced themselves. A few hundred years later they sit together in a bowling alley. They have promised each other to avoid the topic of men. But of course, they end up talking about nothing but their former screwed-up relationships and the possibility of new love. Old wounds reopen, spitefulness and jealousy surface, especially when Lodovico, the rich, much admired, pretty boy turns up. For a short time, a struggle to win the competition threatens to take over, but then the three find solidarity again. They each create their own personal Othello therapy, lust after another life and are just within reach of their ideals of happiness, when courage fails them.

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John von Düffel

John von Düffel

John von Düffel (born in 1966 in Göttingen), grew up in Londonderry, Ireland and Vermillion, South Dakota, USA. He studied Philosophy, Economics and German studies in Stirling, Scotland and Freiburg, Breisgau where he did his doctoral ...

Plays by John von Düffel

U: 12.10.2001 Schauspiel Bonn (R: Beat Fäh)