Nach Bayeux

(To Bayeux)
4F / 1M

A room with a view of the ocean. It is raining outside. Inside, Maisch, the woman, and Olz, the man, watch over the remains of their marriage. While Olz watches TV, Maisch dreams of Bayeux, in France. Something happened there, and ever since, there has been Rosa, the centre of Maisch's thinking and talking. Nobody but Maisch knows about Rosa, but for Maisch, she is irrevocably there. From the port, Olz brings back a child, saying this is Rosa. Maisch is happy. She struggles with her sister Barbara, who wants to shatter the illusion and take the child with her. But the child leaves by herself. Olz describes to Maisch, what happened back then, in Bayeux. Then he leaves, too. Maisch is alone. Then, Rosa appears… In sparse images and with tender humor, Mursa tells the "enigmatic story of a broken relationship and the loss of a common language, suspenseful until the end" (Hamburger Morgepost), "an intimate drama of souls, with dialogue of haunting vehemence" (Die Welt)

Daniel Mursa

Daniel Mursa

Daniel Mursa (born in 1979 in Hamburg) studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. In 2002, he received Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg’s Most Promising award in the course of its Werkstatttage workshop. In the same year, his debut ...

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U: 16.1.2003 Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg (R: Benjamin Walther)