Bruder Eichmann

(Brother Eichmann)
3F / 5M, 4 more actors

Three levels unite this "topography of a duty-bound bourgeois" (Kipphardt): Adolf Eichmann's interrogations and conversations in Israel shown on stage, from the end of May 1960 until his execution two years later, the unraveling of his autobiography and the reconstruction of the Jewish genocide, organized by him, and finally the inserted analogous scenes to exemplify the "Eichmann attitude" of our immediate present. "The play describes, how a rather average young man from Solingen, who grew up in Linz and became a salesman for Vacuum Oil, in a very undistinguished way turned into that monstrous figure Adolf Eichmann, who became the administrative authority in the genocide of Europe's Jews, 'a cog in the machinery', as he refers to himself, an operative in the 'war against the Jews', feeling his conscience protected by oath and order." (Kipphardt)

Translations include:

Heinar Kipphardt

Heinar Kipphardt

Heinar Kipphardt (born in 1922 in Heinersdorf, died in 1982) studied Medicine at the University of Bonn. Whilst studying, he was conscripted into military service and sent to the Eastern Front where he deserted shortly before the end of the war. In 1 ...

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U: 21.1.1983 Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel/
Residenztheater, München
(R: Dieter Giesing)