Alles Blau

1M, for ages 14 +

Don’t Do Drugs. Axel can only laugh at slogans like these. In a hotel room, he waits for his pal Malte, with whom he always has the best pleasure trips. He talks about how he has had the coolest experiences on ecstasy, speed or coke, and how blissful it is to “take off” – everything goes blue, clear, limitless and wide. This is a feeling that Axel wants permanently, despite occasional panic attacks, and he wants Malte to be with him. But Malte doesn’t turn up, and slowly Axel realises that this is not a hotel room, but a hallucinated trip through time and space that is fast heading for a crash landing.

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Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel (born in 1965 in Kassel) studied at Gießen University’s drama department. He has been living as a freelance author in Berlin since 1993. In 1998 Ammann Verlag published his first novel Terrordrom which Frank Castorf dramatised ...

Plays by Tim Staffel

U: 22.09.2003 Landesbühnen Sachsen (R: Steffen Pietsch)