Der Mann, der noch keiner Frau Blöße entdeckte

Ein Schauspiel in vier Tagen
(The Man Who Never Yet Saw Woman's Nakedness)
2F / 3M,

Helmbrecht, freshly displaced from old Germanic times to modern Germany, bursts into rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet and has to stand in for Romeo straight away. For Anna, who plays Juliet, and the assistant director Felix, the encounter with Helmbrecht’s pristine simplicity turns into a confrontation with their own world of artificiality, compensation and arbitrariness. When Helmbrecht falls in love with Anna, she is tested to the limit by his demands for sensuality, love and poetry.

The play has been translated into:
English:The Man Who Never Yet Saw Woman’s Nakedness; Spanish: El hombre que aun no descubrió la desnudez de mujer alguna; Russian

Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke (born in 1967 in Worpswede) studied at Gießen University’s drama department and worked as a journalist in the following years. In 1995 and 1997 he was given the prestigious Axel Springer Award for his reportages. Several of ...

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U: 3.1.1999 Staatstheater Stuttgart in Koproduktion mit Theater am Kirchplatz, Schaan
(R: Stephan Kimmig)